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Egyptian Pyramids

By: Eric J. Leech

Building an Egyptian pyramid today would be a project, so you can imagine the obstacles that would have been faced before trucks, cranes, pneumatic tools, and health insurance. To give you an idea of the impressive nature of these pyramids, the Pyramid of Cheops, built during the reign of King Khufu, stands nearly 480 feet (40-plus stories) high, and is composed of 2,300,000 stones, each weighing an average of two tons.

Historians have spent lifetimes attempting to unlock the secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids, but for the most part, they are still very much of a mystery. Some say the complex nature, engineering, and sheer mass of the project was beyond the capability of the time period (2500 BC), therefore intervention from aliens seems the most obvious explanation. Others contend that thousands of slaves working under the guise of giant pulleys could have conceivably built a pyramid over the lifetime of a Pharaoh (30 years, give or take).

The Egyptians were probably much more advanced than we give them credit for. Possibly even more advanced than we are today in some ways. Take for instance the design of the pyramid. It has been said that these triangular structures manifest a certain electrical energy that not only helps to preserve flesh (as in mummies), but also enhances food nutrition, and can sharpen the edge of a razor/knife in a matter of days.

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