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Music Buzz: Al Lukas Band

By: Andréanne Sasseville

Who is he:

The guy is a dedicated guitarist, a singer-songwriter and an adventure taker. His latest independently released album is available and called Fall & Flight.


His sound:

Raw, deep, emotional folk rock with a touch of Blues and a hint of Roots.



Kapuskasing, Ontario (small town in Northern Ontario near the border of Quebec). The project is now based out of Toronto, Ontario.


Artist name history:

This is a solo project disguised as a band.


Musical inspiration/ philosophy:

His current inspiration is drawn from a pretty unusual idea. Check this out: Last fall, Al decided he’d take a vacation. Knowing he wanted to travel to the West Coast, he thought of booking a few gigs here and there to help with travelling costs (not so much a vacation anymore). Not to be restricted with specific cities to be in, he thought of booking his shows ‘on the go’ and on the basis of the barter system (to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money). So Al started going about the Canadian country’s roads and offering his ‘music’ for free in exchange for some food (he does have his van to sleep in). He’s been on the road for over three months (with what he now calls The Good Faith Tour) and has been blessed with making new fans, meeting relatives and even friends from his hometown (six degrees of separation, eh?) all while creating a buzz with his music!


How it all started:

Al’s been playing music since he was fifteen (he picked up his dad’s guitar. Mr. Lukas senior was an accomplished blue grass musician). After studying to be a paramedic and realizing that jobs didn’t come easy (even in the medical field), he renewed with music to help with finances. And guess what? After some open mic nights and bar gigs, he got an offer to record an album. He’s since changed his mind about pursuing a music career…


How he gets ready for a performance:

A very large coffee (double double) and some quiet time.


Touring Soft Spot:

Winnipeg (Hey, this was Folk Rock legend Neil Young’s home base for a very long time).


If he wasn’t passionately dedicated to music, he would…

He tried that, remember? (See above). So he isn’t going back.


You should check him out because:

·         He keeps his Good Faith Tour blog well alive while on the road (he ‘borrows’ Wi-Fi in parking lots!).

·         There will be a one hour documentary built around his innovative barter system tour.

·         He doesn’t sing fairytales – his songs are true stories from day to day life that he wants to be able to relate to on stage.



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