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Music Buzz: S.C.R.I.P.T.

By: Andréanne Sasseville

Loren aka S.C.R.I.P.T is an inspired hip hop creator with a witty sense of humour and a deep social conscience.


His sound:

If there were music notes and hip hop rhymes that could bluntly spell positivity and hope, S.C.R.I.P.T. would be the synonym.



“Which one?” He says with a laugh. He quickly adds that his hometown will always be where he was born: May Pen, Jamaica. (He is now based out of Ottawa, Ontario.)


Artist name history:

A meaningful acronym – he has it tattooed in Old English on his arm.


Musical inspiration/ philosophy:

He could have acted up and thrown himself into a ‘negativity path’. He didn’t. He thrives on being happy (and he says he is) and doing what he can to make a difference for himself and for those around him (words ARE a powerful tool – add music, you’ve got a strong combination).


How it all started:

He was raised by his grandmother until the age of six. When she passed away, he was sent to Canada where he met his mother for the first time. He and his mother moved around a lot and he suffered all kinds of abuse (no need to name them – he still carries the emotional scars today). When Loren was eleven, they settled in a small town in Ontario, and that’s where his life changed forever (see next question).


Turning Point:

Things got ‘really’ bad. Children’s Aid got involved. The Foster Care system became his new family and Loren says it ‘saved his life’. Although in his island blood, music officially came into his life through his foster brother who was into heavy metal (Ministry, Alice and Chains, Corn). Lauren took it in. It wasn’t just noise to him: It was raw, explosive emotion and he began to listen to the words. He had found something he could relate to. He got sucked into it and started writing poetry. As he grew older and got better at writing, he entered spoken word/poetry contests (he just kept winning!). He’s since added music to his beloved words.


If he weren’t passionately involved with music he would...

Definitely not any kind of 9-5. He’d surely be doing something that made him happy: “Maybe acting”.


You should check him out because:

·         His life struggles are the dark side. – his poetic music is the bright side. He balances both on a daily basis.

·         The video for the song Where Do We Go is brilliantly touching and has been used in a campaign by ‘The Kids Help Phone’.

·         He is his own manager/promoter/ product (with a great team working with him) and he hasn’t reached the top yet: His fan base keeps building and he’s looking for that memorable moment where he’ll achieve another significant milestone.




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